Endoscopy Repair
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July 8, 2015
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Why you should repair your endoscopy equipment instead of just replacing it!
November 20, 2015

Endoscopy equipment are medical instruments by which doctors can look into organs of our body. These are small, rigid, fixed with light or tubes at the end that helps medical professionals to look into colon, Esophagus, and stomach. In simple terms, these instruments help to look inside the structure of hollow organs.

There are many benefits of Endoscopy equipment, they usually have multiple uses. There are equipment with therapeutic capabilities, along with diagnose. In simple terms, endoscopy products can provide sclerotherapy and perform Biopsies. There are many Endoscopy equipment available these days, some of them are mention below.


  • ENCEPHALOSCOPE: This instrument is capable of looking into brain for finding cavities.
  • LARYNGOSCOPE: It has been used to examine larynx, which is an organ in our neck containing our vocal cords.
  • ESOPHAGOSCOPE: This equipment is used to examine esophagus inside.
  • THORACOSCOPE: When need to examine pleural cavity, this instrument helps examine through intercostal space.
  • ANGIOSCOPE: it is used for observing blood vessels. There is a very narrow fiber Endoscope in it that captures image and transfer via fused silica image. The small size of this equipment makes it easy to observe parts that are difficult to check by other methods.
  • NEPHROSCOPE: If there is need to examine kidneys, this instrument is used.
  • COLONOSCOPE: To examine lower part of the bowel, this equipment is essential.
  • PROCTOSCOPE: When there is certain problem in rectum, this instrument is used for inspection.
  • ARTHROSCOPE: It is an endoscope to examine inside of a joint. Most common arthroscope has a diameter of 4mm with direction of 30 degree. It is used for treating and diagnosing problems concerning knee. These are rigid instruments made of optical lenses. It is normally integrated with a video camera to look into the problem.
  • RHINOSCOPE: It is used to examine nasal.
  • ESOPHAGOSCOPE: when there is a bigger problem that need examination of passage from Pharynx to stomach, this equipment do the job.
  • BRONCHOSCOPE: If need to examine inside of bronchi.
  • MEDIASTINOSCOPE: it is used to examine mediastinum, which is mass of organs and tissues separating lungs. It also include heart, large vessels, esophagus, trachea, and etc.
  • GASTROSCOPE: If there is need to examine inside of stomach, Gastroscope is used.
  • LAPAROSCOPE: It is used to examine peritoneal cavity. This endoscope is one of the most common equipment used by surgeons. The usual size of Laparoscope is 10mm in diameter, and 300 insertion in depth.
  • AMNIOSCOPE: when there is certain problem with fetus, Amnioscope is used to look through the cervical canal. It is used before the membrane is damaged.
  • CYSTOSCOPE: It is used to examine urinary tract. This is similar to arthroscope but there is longer insertion as compare to it.
  • HYSTEROSCOPE: When it require to examine canal of Uterine Cervix and uterine cavity, this equipment is used.