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August 19, 2016
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endoscope repair and cystoscope repair seattle wa

endoscope repair and cystoscope repair seattle wa

MedTec Applications Offers Quick and Accurate Endoscope Repair and Cystoscope Repair in Seattle WA

Whether in the operating room, or used for diagnostic testing, it is important to keep endoscopes and cystoscopes functioning properly and efficiently. MedTech Applications provides endoscope repair, cystoscope repair and lab equipment repair for Seattle WA medical technicians.

There are many factors that impact the durability of an endoscope or cystoscope. Some causes of scope damage occur through normal wear and tear but many other damages are preventable. In fact, a large percentage of endoscopes and cystoscopes sent out for repair are actually damaged due to improper care and handling.

So what can be done to avoid potential endoscope and cystoscope damage?

Avoid Potential Problems

Every phase of a medical instrument’s daily use, can pose damage to the endoscope or cystoscope. To avoid the need for endoscope repair or cystoscope repair in Seattle WA, it is important to thoroughly and consistently examine the scope’s environment to make sure that there is nothing around it that can damage or kink the instrument.

Pre-Procedure Assessment

Prior to a procedure, asses the scope’s functions to minimize potential malfunction during a case. Review the entire instrument, evaluating that the light/image, air, suction, water and angulation are all functioning properly.

Intra-Procedure Awareness

During procedures, be aware of the functionality of the endoscope or cystoscope. Avoid letting the tube bend sharply or bumping into the scope. Use a bite block accessory to avoid insertion tube damage. Avoid over-coiling or over-torque of the insertion tube.


Transporting a scope is a time when they receive the most damage. Any time that a scope needs to be transported, it is essential to make sure that all of the components are cared for properly. Tubes should lie separately and control knobs and other protruding pieces should be placed in an upright position. Flexible tubes should be coiled without any sharp bends. It is also important to separate the light guide connector from the tubing as the light guide connector has rough or sharp objects that can damage other important components of the endoscope or cystoscope.

Clean scopes can be easily transported, but used scopes should be contained so that they do not contaminate other pieces of the scope or other equipment.

Even after taking great care not to damage your endoscope or cystoscope, these delicate instruments have a tendency to need repair. If you are looking for endoscope repair in Seattle WA , Cystoscope Repair in Seattle WA, or lab equipment repair in Seattle WA, then contact MedTech Applications at (224) 353-6752.