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Don’t Settle- Quality Matters For Your New York Endoscopy Equipment

Look For Attention to Detail and Careful Inspection Services from Your Trusted Repair Provider


When you need New York, New York endoscope repair, you want to be sure your endoscopy equipment is inspected carefully and given the proper testing to ensure that your returned equipment is in top working orders. When you choose MedTec Applications Inc., you get the expert service by skilled craftsmen from a trusted medical scope supplier, manufacturer, and repair shop,

Whether it’s a minor or major endoscope repair, we work closely to inspect your endoscopy equipment before sending you a thorough, detailed account of necessary work to be done. One of the most critical ways in which a hospital, veterinarian clinic or medical practice can keep expensive endoscopes in good working order is to complete repair work at the first signs of damage. Small issues can turn into big issues without prompt attention to address and fix problems.

Here are just a few of the quality steps we take to ensure your New York, New York, endoscope repairs are done right the first time.

  • Checking for leaks. Leak detection is the first line of defense when it comes to endoscope repairs. Leaks are one of the most common issues facing endoscope functionality. Fluid invasion can cause major problems, so finding the source of leaks is an essential step in most repairs.
  • Image accuracy. Getting the right images from your endoscope are essential for medical diagnosis and treatment. Without precise images, patients can be at risk. Static or other distortions to your endoscope’s images can lead to blurry, bright or dim resolution. We will ensure that your scope’s fiber optic bundles and cameras are in proper working condition and not affected by fluid invasion.
  • Tube checks. The insertion and light guide tubes are among the most essential components of an endoscope working at peak performance. However, bite marks, dents or ridges can cause problems with the functionality of these tubes, and lead to the breakdown of their internal material. When this happens, pressure can be put on your scope’s internal components, leading to channel restrictions, damage to fiber optic bundles, and strained angulation systems. Buckles, dents, and bite damage may lead to your tubes needing to be replaced.
  • Air and water delivery. Problems with air or water delivery often occur when a scope is not properly cleaned after use. A nozzle is damaged, or the nozzle is missing. We’ll examine the nozzles to ensure there is no damage that needs to be fixed.
  • Channel clogs. Endoscope use is messy, and sometimes the channels within your scope can become clogged. Even small restrictions can impede proper scope use and grow bigger if not addressed quickly.

With MedTec Applications, these careful assessments are a part of each scope inspection we complete. After your repairs are completed, we will reassemble the equipment and put it through extensive inspection procedures. We will make sure that the scope is cured and working fully before we package it carefully before shipping it back to you.

When you need endoscopy equipment repair from a proven medical scope supplier and repair team, contact MedTec Applications today.