List No.DiameterDegreeLength
30002.7 mm0175 mm
30302.7 mm30175 mm
30702.7 mm70175 mm
40004.0 mm0175 mm
40304.0 mm30175 mm
40454.0 mm45175 mm
40704.0 mm70175 mm


List No.DiameterDegreeLength
24002.4 mm090 mm
24302.4 mm3090 mm

Cystoscope / Hysteroscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
39002.7 mm0300 mm
39302.7 mm30300 mm
39702.7 mm70300 mm


List No.DiameterDegreeLength
49004.0 mm0300 mm
49124.0 mm12300 mm
49304.0 mm30300 mm
49704.0 mm70175 mm
49110 (Retrograde)4.0 mm110-


List No.DiameterDegreeLength
100010.0 mm0300 mm
103010.0 mm30300 mm
104510.0 mm45300 mm
50005.0 mm0300 mm
50305.0 mm30300 mm

*Note: All 10mm Laparoscopes are available in 8.0mm and 7.0mm.


List No.DiameterDegreeLength
29002.5 mm0265 mm

Geriatric Laparoscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
145010.0 mm0450 mm
145310.0 mm30450 mm
145510.0 mm45450 mm

Spinal Operating Laparoscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
10604.0 mm0170 mm

*2.5mm working channel


List No.DiameterDegreeLength
3002.7 mm055 mm
3302.7 mm3055 mm
301Adapter for disposable specula--
4004.0 mm055 mm
4304.0 mm3055 mm
401Adapter for disposable specula--

#301Adaptor for disposable specula.

Optical Forceps

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
20132.0 mm0-
30422.7 mm0-
40422.0 mm0-


Veterinary Otoscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
3002.7 mm090 mm
4004.0 mm090 mm
5005.0 mm090 mm with 2 mm
instrument channel

*Adaptors available for above items, Item# 301 & 401.
The Veterinary Endoscope has a 2mm working channel and can be used with foreign body forceps. Without the forceps adaptor it is used as a small diagnostic tool.
*Note: All scopes are soakable for sterilization.

Flexible Endoscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
914101.6 mm0254 mm
914201.6 mm0500 mm

The flexible endoscope is a diagnostic tool for canine and feline examination.

Semi-Flexible Endoscope

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
92682.6 mm0200 mm

1.0 mm instrument channel.
Note: All scopes are soakable for sterilization.

Flexible Endoscope with Instrument Channel

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
934103.4 mm0254 mm
934203.4 mm0457 mm

Flexible Forceps

List No.DiameterHandleLength
92501.0 mmUltem Plastic80 cm
92511.0 mmStainless Steel
Scissor Type
80 cm

*When ordering please specified tip desired - Alligator or Biopsy. Available in custom lengths.

Mini-Flexible Endoscope with Instrument Channel

List No.DiameterHandleLengthInstrument Channel
-3.4 mmUltem Plastic20 inch1.35 mm

Veterinary Applications include (but not limited to):

Diagnostic tool for feline & canine examination

Removal of foreign objects

Artifical Insemination

Scope is soakaboe for sterilization.

Mini-Flexible Endoscope Veterinary Set

Complete Set includes:

Mini-Flexible Endoscope3.4 mm20" in length with 1.35 mm
Flexible Forceps1.0 mmSpecify tip desired
Portable LED Light Source --

Useful in the retrieval of foreign objects, diagnostic examination along with artificial insemination. This innovative "New" Mini-Flexible endoscope will complete your line of veterianarian tools!

Buy as set and save 25%!


Rigid Boroscopes

List No.DiameterDegreeLength
6005.0 mm0150 mm
6305.0 mm300150 mm
12005.0 mm0300 mm
12305.0 mm300300 mm
12705.0 mm700300 mm
12905.0 mm900300 mm
17005.0 mm0430 mm
17305.0 mm300430 mm
17705.0 mm700430 mm
17905.0 mm900430 mm
24005.0 mm0600 mm
24305.0 mm300600 mm
24705.0 mm700600 mm
24905.0 mm900600 mm

- High Quality Optics

- Fiber optic Illumination

- 700 field of view

- Longer scopes and bigger diameter on special request

- Scopes are soakable

Flexible Endoscope

List No.DimensionDegreeLength
9700100 cm x 7.0 mm 0°--
9701100 cm x 7.0 mm 0°--


MedTec Light Source

Our most economical light source.

Item #Description
OL-160 OutletObservation Light source – ACMI
OL-160T TurretObservation Light source – 4 Position


  1. Ideally suited for use with endoscopes or headlights in the office, emergency room or other areas not requiring video capabilities.
  2. Our most economical and efficient light source.
  3. Two cable connection options available:
    1. Single outlet for ACMI
    2. Four position turret for ACMI, WOLF, PILLING OR OLYMPUS/STORZ.


  • Lamp is 150W, 3400° Kelvin.
  • Measures 7 ½” x 7” x 4”

MedTec Irrigation Pump


  • Designed for rinsing the abdominal cavity in conjunction with the use of wall suction during pelviscopy and laparoscopy.
  • Rinsing pressure is continuously adjustable from 0 to 750 mmHg.
  • Supplied with CO2 Yoke and high pressure tubing.

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