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At MedTec Applications we repair all types of endoscopes which include Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Semi-Flexibles!
Medical Scope Repair. Veterinary Scope Repair. Cystoscope Repair.

Endoscope Repair

There are only a few companies who have the expertise and facilities to manufacture NEW rigid endoscopes. There are many companies who claim that their repair service for rigid endoscopes is of superior quality and faster turnaround time.

Some of these claims are without foundation, so to put them in their proper perspective:

24 Hour Turn-Around Time

A number of causes for repair are related to moisture penetration into the internal part of the lens system. Therefore a standard repair process requires total disassembly of the entire endoscope. This must include all optical and mechanical parts. This is necessary in order to check and clean all lenses individually, removing moisture from them, and from all spacers and lens housing. This process, if done correctly, should be performed very slowly, and can take up to 3 hours. Checking the endoscope for leaks before refocusing the lens system, and resealing the entire endoscope must be done under strict guidelines for the structural adhesives used. Next, is the curing process, which is important, otherwise, stress will be set up in the bond line and will be affected by shipping or in use a clinical setting. Finally, the completed endoscope must be submitted to a Quality Control test. This can all be done within 24-hour turn-around time, if done properly!

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How Does The Repair Process Work?

1. We physically examine the endoscope, which may require taking the endoscope apart.

2. We then send the customer a Repair Quote that will state what is wrong with the endoscope and the cost to fix it.

3. If customer wishes to proceed, a signature on the Repair Quote should be returned to us via fax.

4. We then proceed with fixing the endoscope and ship it back to the customer when finished. We provide to the customer a warranty period of 90 days on our repair.

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