Endoscope Repair Boston MA
Endoscope Repair Boston MA
April 17, 2017
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Medical Scopes Philadelphia
June 15, 2017

In Need Of Endoscope Repair Houston? Evaluate Your Options with MedTec Applications

Careful Precision, Fast Service Keep Your Practice Up and Running

A broken endoscope can be frustrating and dangerous. As a Houston, TX medical practitioner, you want your endoscopy equipment to function reliably for your team and your patients. At MedTec Application, we help make sure endoscope repair work is done efficiently, properly and quickly. As an experienced endoscope repair shop and endoscope manufacturer, we have the expertise and insights to evaluate needed repairs and get your equipment working again.

Whether it’s a rigid, semi-rigid or semi-flexible endoscope, you can count on our technicians to take good care of your tools. Our easy-to-use repair forms help us diagnose the issue with your endoscope, veterinary endoscope or cystoscope.

Our Repair Process

Once your endoscope arrives at our repair facility, our technicians will disassemble the endoscope and inspect all the optical and mechanical parts. Most endoscope repairs involve moisture that seeps into the instrument, especially the lenses.

We will inspect and clean every lens individually, making sure to remove all moisture. We will follow the same procedures for the spaces and lens housing mechanisms.

We will also check the entire endoscope for leaks prior to repositioning and refocusing the lenses in your endoscopy instrument.

Once reassembled, we will apply the medical adhesives necessary and ensure that the repaired endoscope is cured for the right amount of time to make sure the adhesives are fully set.

Before we return the endoscope to you, we will make sure it passes a quality control check and is in full working order. We then carefully pack the endoscope before it is sent back.

In most cases, once you have approved the work to be done, we can turn around an endoscope repair for Houston, TX medical practices in 24 hours.

As an endoscope manufacturer, we understand how scopes work and how they’re used. If moisture is not the culprit, we’ll dig further until we know what is causing your endoscope to malfunction.

There are many other causes of endoscope damage, including:

  • Angulation Overuse. If fluid or over-torquing occurs, the endoscope will feel overly loose, with too much give or play in the instrument.
  • Nozzle Issues. If an air or water valve nozzle is malfunctioning (usually because it’s damaged or becomes loose), in can be difficult to clear out a cavity for inspection.
  • Rubber Damage. Bending rubber is often damaged when a patient bites, causing an accidental cut, tear or puncture. Other causes include using improper lubricants or cleaners, over-pressurization during a leak test or normal wear and tear.
  • Channel Damage. Biopsy forceps and brushes can damage the channel through tears or nicks. The suction channel can become less powerful if the channel is too kinked or damaged.

At MedTec Applications, our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We offer a 90-day warranty on all endoscope repairs. For new products, we offer a full one-year warranty and are one of the few makers to offer customers a 30-day, no-obligation trial period.