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February 22, 2017
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Medical Scope Company Indianapolis IN

Medical Scope Company Indianapolis IN

To Repair or Buy New? What One Medical Scope Company Advises

MedTec Applications Offers Expert Repair to Reduce Costs


Are you wondering whether it’s time to buy new medical scopes for your practice?  At MedTec Applications, we work with Indianapolis, Indiana, practices to preserve and extend the lifespan of endoscope equipment. As a medical scope company with a trusted track record for quickly repairing scopes, we can save time and money for physicians, veterinarians, technicians and staff.

New is Not Necessarily Better

For decades in the 19th and early 20th century, skilled craftsmen in Europe would build instruments to meet the specific preferences of physician customers. These highly customized instruments were in many cases one of a kind.

But with the advent of the industrial revolution, mass production techniques allowed for standardization and more affordable medical instruments and replacement parts.

For much of the early 20th century, however, instrument production was not global. That meant that when an instrument failed, many physicians and veterinarians had little choice but to discard the broken tools and buy new ones.

Those who chose to repair their instruments had to send them to Europe and wait weeks if not months for them to be returned.

At the same time, the skills to build and repair these instruments also began to be shared broadly and globally. Today, with modern techniques and rapid shipping services, the need to waste money on new medical scopes is not necessary. And when endoscope equipment needs to be repaired, the turnaround times are fast.

Independent repair providers have grown in number in recent decades. With the ready availability of replacement parts, repair technology and skilled technicians, there is no longer the need to consider new purchases when there is a problem with an instrument.

Why Repair Works

Today’s instruments are built of durable alloys and materials. The parts in medical scopes that can go wrong are few. When an instrument malfunctions, it is much easier to diagnose and repair the tool.

Endoscopes are costly instruments used in a wide range of medical and veterinary disciplines. Despite the durability of construction, these instruments still have many moving parts.

Working with a trusted medical scope company Indianapolis Indiana, medical providers can find themselves with a strategic partner that keeps their service disruptions at a minimum. Given the high cost of replacing medical scopes, the potential need to familiarize and train staff on new models, and the lost time waiting for new replacements, repair becomes a much clearer consideration.

At MedTec Applications medical scope company, we work with hundreds of clients each year to make and repair medical scopes. Once your scope arrives in our facility, our technicians will disassemble and inspect the instrument and diagnose the issue. Once you approve the repair, our team will carefully fix and reassemble the scope, refocus the lenses, reseal the scope with the proper adhesives, allow it to cure, test the endoscope, package it and return it to you. In many cases, this work can be done in 24 hours, ensuring that you can continue treating patients with no disruption in service. If you are looking for a medical scope company Indianapolis, IN, contact MedTec Applications at (224)353-6752 or