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January 19, 2017
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Medical Scope Repair New York NY

Medical Scope Repair New York NY

When to Find a Medical Scope Repair Service in New York, NY

MedTec Offers Fast, Careful Service to Diagnose and Repair Scopes


Medical scopes are delicate equipment that are subject to rigorous use. When it comes to medical scope repair, including veterinary endoscope repair, you need reliable equipment that is accurate and working properly. At MedTec Applications, Inc., we understand the complexities and importance of fast and comprehensive medical scope repair. As experts in diagnosing and repairing medical scopes, and medical scope manufacturing, turn to MedTec Applications for all your scope needs in New York, NY.

There are a number of key indicators that should trigger a medical scope repair assessment. Here are a few of the most common problems with medical scopes.

Fluid Invasion

The leading cause of medical scope damage is fluid invasion. Water and other fluids can seep into the dry parts of the scope via tears, cuts, holes or improper cleaning. If you see foggy images, image stains or an electrical malfunction, it’s time for a repair.

Air and Water Nozzle Issues

Air and water valves are necessary to clear matter inside a cavity. If the valve sticks, the material cannot be cleared or a nozzle is loose or damaged, it can be very difficult to do an accurate assessment.

Angulation Give

A flexible endoscope needs to angulate at the degree specified. Yet over-torquing the bending section of a scope or fluid damage, which often manifests itself as excessive “give” or “play” in the angulation system, the scope should be inspected by a trained repair technician.

Bending Rubber Problems

The bending rubber, unfortunately, is prone to damage. Possible causes include passing a scope through a too-tight opening such as a mouth guard or air exchange adaptor; an inadvertent patient bite; an accidental puncture or cut; over-pressurization during a leak test that can stretch the rubber; using improper cleaners and lubricants; or normal wear and tear.

Biopsy Channel Damage

When biopsy forceps or cleaning brushes are forced through the biopsy channel, the channel itself can be damaged. Forceps and brushes should be inspected before use to make sure there are no nicks or burrs that could tear the channel. Fluid invasion can also cause damage to the biopsy channel.

Suction Channel Failure

When a suction channel decreases in effectiveness or power, often removing and cleaning the suction valve can solve the problem. However, if cleaning does not resolve the issue, there could be a problem caused by a kinked or too tightly wrapped endoscope. Kinking and tight wrapping can also lead to fluid invasion or damage to the fiber-optic bundle, both of which should be repaired by a trained technician.

At MedTec Applications, Inc., we work closely with physicians and veterinarians throughout New York, NY, to deliver medical and veterinary endoscope repair services. We carefully disassemble, inspect every scope sent to us and give you a detailed description of the repairs necessary. Once we have your approval, we will repair, reassemble and test your scope before sending it back to you. Count on MedTec Applications for medical scope manufacturing and repair services.