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The Benefits of Medical Scope Repair vs. Buying New

MedTec Applications Offers Expert Repair Services to Restore Functionality


Like other durable medical equipment, your Los Angeles, CA, medical scopes repair decision often comes down to economics. Does it make sense to repair that medical scope or buy a new one? When medical practices consider the expert care and precision work done, the decision to choose medical scope repair becomes clear.

Financial managers at many medical practices struggle with the decision of whether to repair or replace with countless medical items. While patient safety continues to be the paramount factor, these officials must also consider the age of equipment and whether it is serviceable.

Fortunately, today’s medical scope design and construction is such that endoscopes and other items are made to last. However, the nature of medical scope usage is that these devices endure a lot of wear and tear and have components that can be susceptible to damage.

While medical scopes repair is most often the right choice, there are a few situations where it might make sense to buy a new scope:

  • Replacement parts are unavailable. Some manufacturers phase out older parts when newer models come on board. Fortunately, in the medical scope repair business, there are a number of suppliers of non-OEM parts available.
  • Service costs rise. In some areas, the costs to repair equipment can become prohibitive. That’s not the case with medical scope repair at MedTec Applications, which offers reasonable, affordable, and practical prices that, combined with fast and accurate repair processes, make repair the financially sound choice.
  • Patient care is disrupted. Obviously, practices rely on scopes for many procedures. That’s why at MedTec, we offer rapid turnaround. Once you’ve approved the scope of work to repair your scope, we begin work immediately, completing all necessary repairs, reassembly, and testing to ensure your scope is out of commission as little time as possible.
  • High failure rates. If your device fails repeatedly, it may be time to replace it. However, first let our technicians assess the scope to see if there is something that other repair shops have missed.

Why choose repair services?

At MedTec Applications, we’ve serviced thousands of scopes from all major manufacturers. We understand what the common repair issues are, how to identify them, and how to repair them fast. Our Los Angeles, CA, customers can take advantage of our extensive product knowledge and receive insights and advice on how to best keep your scopes in good working order.

We are also neutral when it comes to brands. We welcome and work with all different types of brands, so we can offer hospital and practice supply chain managers one-stop shopping for multiple scope repair needs. Let us build a relationship with you that’s more effective and efficient than managing relationships with multiple companies.

We value long-term, personal relationships with our customers, unlike impersonal OEM repair services. By also providing our own line of medical scopes, we understand how scopes work from the ground up.