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What Are Endoscopes Used For?

No Matter the Use, Choose MedTec Applications for Accurate Repair Services


Medical scopes are among the most versatile families of instruments. They are used for myriad procedures, involving multiple body systems. In Glendale, IL, MedTec Applications has been a trusted source for medical scope repair and as a medical scope supplier, with decades of experience. For precise manufacturing and repair services, count on MedTec.

Endoscopes 101

Endoscopes are used to gain a clear image of an organ or other body component. They are lighted instruments that can be either flexible, allowing for more manipulation, or rigid. The type of medical scopes used is based on the organ being studied and the procedure being done. Endoscopes come in many different sizes, too.

An endoscope is usually inserted in a small opening, such as your mouth, or through an incision made by a surgeon. Endoscopes include controls that guide the light source and other components.

The most common uses of an endoscope are to help a physician determine the cause of symptoms a patient may be experiencing. Endoscopes can also remove small amounts of tissue. In an endoscopic biopsy, the removed tissue is sent to a lab for further analysis and diagnosis.

Endoscopes can also be used during surgeries to provide doctors with better visual information during a procedure, such as removal of a tumor or gallstones, or to repair issues such as stomach ulcers.

Here are some of the most common endoscopes and their uses:

  • Arthroscope, for an orthopedic surgeon to examine joints, usually via an incision near the joint
  • Bronchoscope, to examine the lungs
  • Colonoscope, used by a gastroenterologist or proctologist to examine the colon, usually via the anus
  • Cystoscope, used by a urologist to examine the bladder via the urethra
  • Enteroscope, to examine the small intestine, usually via the mouth or anus
  • Hysteroscope, used by gynecologists to examine the uterus
  • Laparoscope, used by multiple types of physicians to examine the abdomen or pelvic area via a small incision near the area to be examined
  • Laryngoscope, used to examine the larynx via the mouth or nose

Endoscopes are used for other uses as well, including to examine the areas between the lungs (a mediastinoscopy), rectum and sigmoid colon (sigmoidoscopy), area between the chest wall and lungs (thoracoscopy or pleuroscopy), and ureter (uretoscopy).

As you can imagine, the instruments are used in wet spaces and can easily become compromised by bodily fluids or break down from frequent use. That’s when Glendale, IL, medical scope repair is critical.

At MedTec Applications, we carefully assess every scope upon arrival, breaking it down and inspecting all of the component parts. After receiving your approval for the recommended repairs, we use quality parts to restore the endoscope to full working order. It is then reassembled and tested thoroughly before being packaged for return to your facility.

As a medical scope supplier, we understand the complexities and delicate components of your endoscopes. We also understand the importance of getting scopes back in working order and helping treat patients quickly.

Glendale IL medical technicians looking for a medical scope supplier should turn to the experts at MedTecApplications.