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6 Types of Medical Scope and the Purposes They Serve
October 15, 2018

4 Maintenance Tips From Your Medical Scope Manufacturer Glendale Heights IL

Medical Scopes are a crucial component of any professional practicing medicine. There are several scopes that range in function, however, all have an underlying purpose of providing insight. This is the insight that can help diagnosis, prescribe, and heal patients so these instruments should be well-maintained. The following are 4 maintenance tips for preserving these instruments so that you can limit the medical scopes repair Glendale Heights IL:

  1. Preclean: This is the procedure for cleaning the instrument at the patient’s bedside. This step reduces the levels of bioburden which as a result limits the biofilm development. The pre-clean is essentially the process for disinfecting the instrument immediately before use and kickstarts the cleaning procedures per each individual use. 
  2. Leak test: It is important to regularly perform a leak test on your medical scopes. This process will help limit the potential for fluid invasion, as it can be damaging to the instruments’ delicate internal components. 80% of all image problems are a result of the fluid invasion, but leak testing your instrument regularly can improve this statistic for your practice. You can perform a leak test by visually inspecting the scope for tears, holes, and joints. After, remove all valves and attach a leak tester to the scope. Once attached you can place the scope under water. If there is a continuous stream of bubbles coming from the interior than your scope has a leak. 
  3. Cleaning verification: After manually cleaning the scope using a brush that fits in each crevice, you should rinse your scope to remove the chemicals, detergents, and loose debris. The use of a borescope can then help to verify the cleanliness of your instrument. They allow staff to visually inspect the channels/lumens of the scope. 
  4. Storage: Medical Scopes should be stored in a dry place and hung vertically, not touching each other. The area should also be clean and the scopes individually labeled so that they are “patient-ready.”

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