Medical Scopes Repair
Medical Scope Repair
September 13, 2018
Medical Scope Manufacturer Glendale Heights IL
Medical Scope Manufacturer Glendale Heights IL
November 7, 2018

Medical Scope Repair Manufacturer Glendale, IL

6 Types of Medical Scope and the Purposes They Serve

Medical Scopes are crucial in the diagnosis and cures for abnormalities and conditions that present them self. The top medical scope repair manufacturer MedTec, offers a variety of services ranging from flexible endoscope repair to specific parts available for purchase. Before ordering, replacing, and using, it is important to fully understand the purpose of your medical scope and it’s basic functions. Below are the 6 most basic medical scopes and the purposes they serve:

  1. Gastroscopes: These are used for upper GI tract endoscopy. This includes the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum. These scopes are most commonly used to diagnose issues such as ulcers, stomach cancer, celiac disease etc.
  2. Bronchoscopes: These medical scopes are threaded through your nose, down your throat, until it reaches your lungs. Once in the lungs this instrument helps to detect tumors, infection, bleeding, or other obstruction to the lungs.
  3. Cystoscope: A cystoscope is inserted into the bladder, through the urethra, and spots issues such as stones, tumors, and growths.
  4. Ureteroscopy: This scope goes further than that of a cystoscope and can be used to examine the urinary tract. It is longer and thinner than the above scope and can detect blockages, abnormal tissues, and polyps.
  5. Arthroscope: Used by an orthopedic surgeon, this tool is inserted through a small incision near the examine joints and is most commonly used to diagnosis/treat knee problems.
  6. Colonoscope: During this procedure, a doctor uses a thin flexible scope with a camera at the end to check for abnormalities or issue in your lower intestine. This part of the body takes in food, absorbs nutrients, and disposes of waste. A colonoscopy is often done precautionary for screenings of colon cancer. It is also done to evaluate symptoms of pain or bleeding located in the abdominal area.

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