medical scope repair
Medical Scope Repair
June 18, 2018
Medical Scope Supplier
Medical Scope Supplier
August 9, 2018

Why You Should Choose MedTec 

Learn What Sets MedTec Apart from the Other Medical Repair Companies

MedTec Application Inc is the best medical scope supplier and the most in-demand medical scopes repair company. If you need medical scopes repair Glendale Heights IL, Medtec Application Inc is the place for you. Medical Scopes are much needed as they play a vital role in invasive surgery. Endoscopes are the most important tool. If you are looking for a company to repair Medical Scopes then you should choose Medtec Applications Inc.



MedTec has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and repair of rigid, flexible and semi-flexible endoscopes for a variety of applications and is the best medical scope supplier you can get.

Manufactured Specialties

MedTec Applications, Inc. offers a full line of medical, veterinarian and industrial endoscopes as well as a full line of laparoscopic instrumentation and equipment. All products are made in our Glendale Heights, IL USA facility. MedTec specializes in prototype endoscopes and instruments.

Medtec manufactures a complete line of endoscopes for use in the following areas; gynecology, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, cystoscopy, and manufactures all types of endoscopes for veterinary application, including: rigid, flexibles and semi-flexibles endoscopes. Medtec Specializes in medical scopes repair.


Our industrial endoscopes can be used for the locksmith, HVAC, aviation, and gunsmith industries. We use the finest materials and quality German lenses in all of our endoscopes and medical scopes repair Glendale Heights IL

Best Deal in Town!

MedTec offers a full one year warranty on all new products and a 90-day warranty on all repairs. They are one of the few medical companies that allow our customers to try a product on a 30 day trial with no obligation!