medical scopes repair Glendale Heights IL
Medical Scopes Repair Glendale Heights IL
July 11, 2018
Medical Scopes Repair
Medical Scope Repair
September 13, 2018

3 Ways MedTec Improves Your Medical Practice

MedTec Offers the Endoscope Solutions Needed to Improve your Medical Practice

Medical providers work diligently to ensure their patients receive professional, high-quality care. These providers work hard, and their equipment should too. MedTec offers a variety of endoscopy that will serve you practice as well as you serve your patients. The following are 3 ways that MedTec improves its customers’ medical practices:

  1. High Quality, Reliable Products

Since its inception in 2005,  MedTec has earned its distinguished reputation as a leading medical scope supplier. MedTec specializes in prototype endoscopes and instrument, and offers a variety of products, providing solutions across the many subgroups of the medical industry.

Beyond a full line of medical, veterinarian and industrial endoscopes, MedTec also manufactures a full line of laparoscopic instrumentation and equipment. All of MedTec’s products are made in America, specifically in its Glendale Heights, IL USA facility. Only the finest materials and high-quality lenses are used in MedTec products.

  1. Expert Repair Services

Not only does MedTec manufacture industry-leading medical scopes, they also offer repair services. Medical Scopes repair can be a laborious, expensive process, further complicated by the inability of many companies to repair rigid, new endoscopes. MedTec offers transparent and reasonable repairs, with a 24-hour turnaround time.

The team begins by carefully examining the endoscope. After examination, MedTec issues a repair quote and, upon customer agreement, can immediately begin the repair process. This repair process ultimately saves medical practices’ money, and ensures their patients will be treated with only the highest-quality equipment.

  1. Superior Service

MedTec’s team of courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives makes for superior service. Before purchase, MedTec offers customers to try a product during a 30-day trial with no obligation. MedTec offers a full one year warranty on all new products, as well as a 90-day warranty on all product repairs.

MedTec Applications, Inc. was formed in early 2005 with the acquisition of Spiess Design. MedTec Applications is a minority women-owned company that strives to meet the special needs of our customers. We specialize in prototype endoscopes and instruments. Contact MedTec today!