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5 Signs of a Damaged Medical Scope

Poor Visibility, Water Damage Common Issues Needing Repair


Medical scopes are precision instruments used in many different procedures to diagnose and treat illnesses. As such, they can be exposed to biomaterial, especially liquids that can cause damage requiring repair. What should you look for to determine if medical scope repair is necessary? At MedTec Applications, based in Glendale Heights, IL, you can be sure your medical scopes repair will be done properly, carefully, and thoroughly.

Here are five signs your medical scope may be damaged and in need of repair.

  1. Signs of Leaks

Leak testing, done at the conclusion of a disinfection or cleaning session, can identify that there is water damage within the scope moisture is a common culprit of endoscope damage requiring repair services.

If a leak is detected, it’s important to have your medical scope inspected and repaired quickly to ensure safe and accurate operations.

  1. Distorted Bending Sections

When a section of the bending apparatuses are distorted, it often is an indication that the ribs or rivets are damaged. When the bending section is damaged, it can lead to damage to internal components, such as the closed circuit display wiring harness. When working properly, the bending section should have a smoothly curved arch when articulated.

Similarly, if the tubes are blistering, worn, or faded, there are likely internal components of your scope that need to be maintained or repaired.

  1. Poor or Erratic Water Flow

If water is not flowing or is doing so inconsistently, it can be a sign that an air or water channel or nozzle is clogged. Other indications of clogged channels or nozzles are malfunctions to the air or water button controls. A loose or damaged water bottle can also cause flow issues.

For medical scopes repair, be sure to choose a provider who will assess and test the repairs done before repackaging and returning your instruments to your practice.

  1. Tight or Loose Controls

When the control knobs on your medical scope seem disproportionately tight or loose, it can be an indication that the angulation system needs to be adjusted or rebuilt. Medical scope repair at our Glendale Heights, IL, facility begin with a careful assessment and inspection of your scope. Before any repairs are done, we’ll make sure to send you a detailed report of our assessment and our recommended repair work.

  1. Illumination Issues

Light is critical for proper use of your medial scope.  If illumination is poor or low, it could mean that the light guide’s fiber bundle has broken. Another cause of poor illumination is a degraded xenon lamp on the processor.

If the images being generated are poor, it’s likely that there’s a fluid invasion issue. If you see lines or static in the image, it’s likely your scope needs to be repaired.

MedTec Applications traces its corporate history to the 1970s in the manufacture and repair of scopes. We offer a complete line of repair services for medical, veterinary, and industrial scopes and a 90-day warrantee on all scope repairs.