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Ensuring That You Have the Best Endoscopy Equipment for Your Patients
March 14, 2016
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In Need of Fast Endoscope Repair?
May 13, 2016

Why should you choose MedTec Applications?

Endoscopy equipment is essential to conduct specific medical procedures. The term endoscopy means the insertion of thin, long tube directly into a patient body to observe tissue or internal organ in detail. This can also be utilized to carry out other tasks like minor surgery and imaging. These are minimally invasive, and can be placed into the body’s natural openings like anus or mouth. Furthermore, health professionals can also insert endoscopes intro small incisions like the knee-referred to as ‘keyhole surgery’.

Endoscopy is used to investigate certain conditions of a patient; this can be used to search for causes of abdominal pain a person is experiencing or vomiting, difficulty swallowing, gastrointestinal bleeding, stomach ulcers, and breathing disorders. In addition, endoscopy is also designed to complete biopsies and to confirm the diagnosis of ‘cancer’ or other illnesses. Lastly, medical practitioners can also use this to treat sickness, for an instance, to remove a polyp or cauterize bleeding vessel.

There are times endoscopy is combined with other medical procedure like ultrasound scan. The ultrasound probe can be placed closely to the organ which is hard to capture an image like the pancreas. Modern endoscopy equipment is fitted with ‘sensitive lights’ which uses narrow band imaging. Such imaging utilizes specific green and blue wavelengths and allows health care specialist to spot more easily precancerous conditions. Since advanced endoscopy equipment has comparatively minimal risks, easy to carry out and provide detailed images, the product has proven its significance in the medical field. Below are the main components of endoscopy equipment:

  1. Tube. This can be either flexible or rigid.
  2. Light. This is normally outside the body, and internal direct light can be done using optimal fiber system.
  3. Lens System: This is designed to transmit an image from internal end of endoscope to viewer. When it comes to the rigid endoscope, the lens system is achieved by ‘relay lenses’, while inflexible scopes ‘optic fibers’ are used.
  4. Eyepiece: Modern endoscope carrying display screen instead of an eyepiece.
  5. Additional Channel: Allow manipulators or medical instruments to be passed into the human body.

If you encounter faulty endoscopy equipment, it’s best to contact experienced and well-trained endoscope repair specialist. MedTec Applications repair various types of endoscopes like Flexibles, Rigid and Semi-Rigid; and all types of medical instruments. With their in-house trained technicians, you will be given fast and quality repair service all the time.

Apart from repair services, MedTec Application also offers a complete list of veterinarian, industrial and medical endoscopes, along with full-line laparoscopic equipment and instrumentation. All products provided by the company are made with quality and directly from their facility in the USA. They use the quality German lenses and finest materials to guarantee the best service.  With their 1-year warranty and 30-day trials, you can able to use their products with less frustration.

Get your endoscopes repaired now. You can also purchase products from them with more reasonable price.  MedTec Application’s objective is to provide you the best endoscope equipment that provides reliable images and function perfectly for your need.