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April 18, 2016
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Fast Endoscope and Cystoscope Repair in Miami FL
June 17, 2016
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fast endoscope repair Glendale Heights IL

fast endoscope repair Glendale Heights IL

Endoscope Repair

Medical equipment is very important and extremely needed, if something goes wrong, it is no small deal. If your tools break, you need quick and great service to get them working in proper condition again. If there is a problem with your endoscope, you need a company that will work with you to get everything running smoothly again. We at MedTec Applications in Glendale Heights IL are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. We are a company specialized in endoscope repair and we take our jobs with pride.

Sadly, not many companies can work well with Rigid Endoscope Repair. However, we are one of the few companies with the expert know-how and the facilities to both manufacture and repair the newer models of rigid endoscopes. Unlike many companies who can only claim their repair services are great and fast, we know our services are superior and speedy. Just to give you a true idea of how fast we really are, our average turn-around time for a repair is 24 hours.

The majority of broken endoscopes are caused because moisture has managed to get into the inner part of the lens system. This means the entire endoscope needs to be taken apart in order to reach all of the lenses. Each lens needs to be checked and cleaned individually to remove the moisture that has reached them, including the spacers in between and the lens housing. The cleaning process can take up to 3 hours because it needs to be done very carefully. After the cleaning is done, the endoscope needs to be rechecked for leaks and then the lens system needs to be refocused and the endoscope must be resealed. The resealing must be done under very strict rules. After this, there is a “curing time” to let the adhesive set. After all of this, is must be checked by a Quality Control test. If done properly and promptly, it can be completed in 24 hours. We want to make sure your repaired endoscope is fully functional again so we do our best to take every precaution necessary to ensure its full performance capabilities.

If you are in or around Glendale Heights, IL., and you are in need of endoscope repair, give us a call. We look forward to helping you out in your time of need. We will get you back up and running in no time with our super-fast turn-around time. We hope to hear from you soon!