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Medical Scope Supplier
August 9, 2018
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October 15, 2018

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3 Reasons to Repair vs. Buy New Medical Scopes

MedTec is your go-to medical scopes company for manufacturing and repairing these instruments. There are many things to be weary of when proceeding with the repair process for endoscopes which is why MedTec Application Inc. is here to simplify the task. Errors evolve from self-cleaning, disinfecting, and restoring these medical scopes. Examples of potential mistakes range from forgetting to brush and flush channels to using the same detergent or sponge for more than one scope. By going by the following, one can avoid large costs and wasted time associated with purchasing a new medical scope.

  1. Significant Cost Savings: With continuous cost pressure in medical environments, it is important to examine where cost savings can occur. By learning how to properly repair medical instruments, one can avoid significant charges racked up from replacing old medical scopes. It is important to reference scope repair histories to identify trends in the data of when opportunities to repair scopes evolve. This data can ensure the clinical and financial health of an endoscopy unit is taken into consideration.
  2. Know Your Type of Endoscopes: Every endoscope is different so it makes sense that every type requires different maintenance. An example of this is that endoscopes with higher utilization require more frequent repairs due to the general wear and tear or repetitive processing of harsh chemicals. These endoscopes often get mistaken from needing to be replaced, but if up kept properly, one can suffice with frequent repairs and cleanings.
  3. Time Savings: By doing medical scope repair instead of buying a new one, one can also save time that would have been spent in understanding the full functionality of a new instrument. Additionally, there is extensive time needing to be spent training other personal on how to use the new scopes. When one either repairs an endoscope on their own or uses MedTec, they can be assured their instruments are in excellent hands.

Whether the problem lies in the medical scope’s universal cord, insertion tube, or light guide connector, repair is a simple solution to an important problem. For more information on medical scope repair, contact MedTec Applications Inc.