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Finding a Company That Can Repair Endoscopes and Cystoscopes Quickly
July 22, 2016
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September 16, 2016
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Endoscope Repair Los Angeles

Endoscope Repair Los Angeles

MedTec Applications Offers Quick Endoscope Repair and Cystoscope Repair for Laboratories
Throughout Greater Los Angeles

Laboratories rely on having the proper equipment functioning and ready for use at all times. When Los Angeles CA labs need quick endoscope repair or quick cystoscope repair, they turn to MedTec Applications for expert service. With MedTec Applications, quick repairs are the norm, keeping your lab running at full speed.

With heavy use, endoscopes and cystoscopes break down and require repairs. At MedTec, we take the care and use the precision required to make sure that needed repairs are diagnosed properly and completed quickly. As importantly, we ensure that endoscopes and cystoscopes are reassembled and shipped properly.

With MedTec, Los Angeles labs can maintain proper revenue flows and maintain operational capacity with little to no down time.

Using the Right Approach

Endoscope repair or cystoscope repair begins with a complete review of the scope. This review includes careful disassembly of the instrument and a thorough inspection of the component parts. Both optical and mechanical parts receive a high level of attention from the skilled and experienced technicians at MedTec Applications.

Most repairs revolve around moisture, which can infiltrate any number of parts. In addition to lenses, moisture can gather in spacers and lens housings. In addition, once moisture is removed, each scope needs to be inspected to ensure there are no leaks. After this comprehensive inspection, the scope can be refocused and its components can be resealed. We make sure to package your scope for shipment such that there is not undue stress on any of the scope’s critical components.

We understand the urgency when a cystoscope or endoscope needs to be repaired. With the complex optics in these scopes, we offer quick repair services while taking care to do the job right. We keep patient safety top of mind when we work on your scopes and make sure your repaired scope is fully functional.

Why Choose MedTec

MedTec Applications serves Los Angeles CA labs with a full line of endoscope and cystoscope repairs and related services. Our skilled technicians have years of experience working on a range of scopes from various manufacturers. Regardless of the type of scope – rigid, semi-rigid or flexible – MedTec Applications has the knowledge and expertise to make the proper repairs.

We provide clear communication to ensure that our lab clients understand the recommended repairs and provide a timeline on return. All our work is done in-house, not outsourced like many repair service providers. Our repair services include fiber optic light cable repairs, image fiber bundles, lens cleaning, stainless steel shafts and complete rebuilds.

For Los Angeles CA labs, our technicians have specialized training in repair services for industrial endoscopy, medical endoscopy and veterinary endoscopy. We also provide a range of accessories, including irrigation pumps and light sources.

If you are a lab in Los Angeles CA, looking for quick endoscope repair or cystoscope repair, then contact MedTec Applications at (224) 353-6752.