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Fast Endoscope and Cystoscope Repair in Miami FL
June 17, 2016
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Endoscope and Cystoscope Repair for Labs in Los Angeles CA
August 19, 2016
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Fast Endoscope Repair Miami FL

Fast Endoscope Repair Miami FL

Medtec Applications Inc Specializes in Endoscope Repair and
Cystoscope Repair for Miami FL Medical Service Providers

Medical service providers in Miami, FL, know the importance of keeping endoscope and cystoscope equipment in good repair and functioning at full efficiency. When it comes to patient safety, having equipment working properly is the ethical approach to take. Of course, on occasion equipment breaks down and parts need to be repaired or replaced. Doing so quickly is critical to maintain positive relationships with patients, continuing steady revenue streams and ensuring medical procedures are done properly. Time is of the essence when it comes to endoscope repair and cytoscope repair. You need a reliable service provider that can diagnose and complete repairs quickly, effectively and accurately. When looking for a company specializing in endoscope repair or cystoscope repair in Miami Fl, you want to be sure to find a trusted provider. Here are some things to look for when making a selection.

  • Safe Promises
    Some repair shops offer immediate returns on scope repairs. Be leery of endoscope and cystoscope repair providers who can repair the equipment too quickly. Scopes have complex optics. Most damage to endoscopes and cystoscopes are due to moisture that seeps into the internal parts of the lens mechanism.When done properly, a scope repair involves a careful dismantling and inspection of all the parts. In addition, the adhesions need time to set properly. When a repair is completed, the scope also needs to pass a quality control test that ensures the unit is working properly and accurately.
  • Thorough Review
    When done properly, scope repair involves checking all of the mechanical and optical parts. Each lens must     have moisture removed and cleaned. Moisture also needs to be removed from lens housings and spacers.

The scope should be checked for leaks before the lens system is refocused and the components are resealed.
Scopes need to be packaged for return shipment in proper containers that do not put unwanted stress on the
newly repaired piece of equipment.

  • Transparent Communication
    When a repair shop receives a scope for repair, it should conduct an initial inspection, which may require dismantling the equipment. The repair service should then communicate what is wrong with the endoscope or cytoscope and what repairs are recommended.

The MedTech Difference

At MedTech Applications, Inc. in Miami, FL, you can be confident that your scope repairs will be completed by trained technicians with extensive experience in endoscope repair and cytoscope repair. We repair all types of scopes– rigid, semi-rigid or flexible endoscopes.

We offer a complete line of repair services, including lens cleaning, image fiber bundles, stainless steel shafts, fiber optic light cable repairs, and complete rebuilds.

Our work is done in-house and not outsourced to other service providers. When you choose MedTech, you can be confident the technicians evaluating, repairing and inspecting your scopes are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience with a range of manufacturers and models.

MedTech offers fast repair services for Miami Florida medical providers. In addition, MedTech specializes in medical endoscopy, veterinary endoscopy, industrial endoscopes, and accessories including light sources and irrigation pumps.

MedTech is a minority women-owned business formed in 2005 with the acquisition of Lake Zurich, Illinois-based Spiess Design, which had been in business since the 1970s.

If you are a medical provider looking for endoscope repair in Miami FL or cystoscope repair in Miami FL, then contact MedTech Applications at (224) 353-6752.