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In Need of Fast Endoscope Repair?
May 13, 2016
Fast Endoscope Repair Miami FL
Finding a Company That Can Repair Endoscopes and Cystoscopes Quickly
July 22, 2016
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endoscope repair miami fl

endoscope repair miami fl

In the medical field, professional equipment and knowledge are most imperative. However, it can be difficult to put knowledge into use if the proper tools are not present or broken. In an unfortunate situation that lab equipment needs repair you will need a reputable repair company to quickly get equipment repaired and sent back to you. Our professionals at MedTec pride ourselves on the turn-around time for our endoscope and cystoscope repair in Miami, FL.

MedTec Application services the Miami, FL area and specialize in endoscope and cystoscope repair. We will quickly get your endoscope serviced and back to you so you can resume work. Unlike many other companies, we are one of the few companies who can work with new rigid endoscopes. Not only can we repair the newest models of rigid endoscopes, but also many other medical instruments.

Most of the issues when an endoscope breaks stems from moisture seeping into the inner part of the lens system. This renders the endoscope useless while the moisture is in there. Once the endoscope or cystoscope is shipped to us, we will take it apart, thoroughly check, and clean every single lens to remove any moisture present. The lens housing and spacers are also included in our check and clean process. The entire process to disassemble, inspect, and repair an endoscope or cystoscope can take up to 3 hours. Once this is completed the endoscope or cystoscope must be re-inspected, re-focused, and re-sealed. Finally, the instrument must be checked for quality testing to make sure it meets our standard. Our efficient process can be completed within 24 hours allowing your lab equipment to be ready for shipment the following day.

With an average turn-around time, of 24 hours, our repair services are faster than any other. Many companies claim they have the best turn-around time, but we know we can stand behind our quality work and performance. If your lab is in the Miami FL area and your department needs endoscope and cystoscope repair, give us a call at (224) 353-6752 and we’ll get your lab equipment working and shipped back to you before you know it! Trust Medtec Applications with your endoscope and cystoscope repair in Miami FL!